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  • USA-PC(7.4-7.11)
  • AE-PC
  • 1920X350(1)
  • PM200
  • USA-(7.4-7.11)
  • AE
  • 640x200
  • PM200-wap3


  • Model Holes

    Model Holes

    Holes appear above the model Screen: There may be black spots on the screen d...
  • Support and model separation

    Support and model separation

      Support and model separation Support missing or broken The p...
  • Sticker Base&warp

    Sticker Base&warp

      Sticker Base warp   Printed models stick to the release...
  • horizontal stripe

    horizontal stripe

    Z-axis direction appears in the horizontal pattern. Machinery: Z-axis line ra...
  • Incorrect size

    Incorrect size

    Size and design size have large deviation Slicing: Too short exposure time wi...
  • Interlayer Dislocation

    Interlayer Dislocation

    The upper part of the model is misaligned with the lower part, and the layer ...
  • Wire drawing

    Wire drawing

    Obvious wire drawing appears when printing is idling. Material: The material ...
  • Warp


      warp Non-stick base plate   The corner of the model or ...
  • Cracking


    Cracking of parts occurs Post-treatment: alcohol is not completely cleaned in...
  • Surface not dry

    Surface not dry

    Surface is not dry Post-treatment: Insufficient alcohol concentration or clea...
  • Model priming

    Model priming

    Separation occurs between the layer and the layer. Leveling: platform and scr...
  • Film, residue

    Film, residue

    Print larger models trough and the surface of the printed parts appear residu...
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