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Luminous PLA Rainbow

Based on PLA material, luminous pla rainbow filament is modified is an environmentally friendly material and easy to print.In addition,as multi color pla filament,it has gorgeous luminous rainbow appearance effect.

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Luminous pla rainbow filament adds multicolored and gorgeous luminous rainbow effect based on ordinary PLA. Gradually multicolors make your prints more eye-catching and unique. Multi color pla filament is widely used in art decorations, toys, sculptures and clothing.


Gorgeous luminous rainbow appearance effect

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Excellent printability

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* Application
Toys Decoration
* Print model
  • Luminous PLA Rainbow Print model
Filament Properties Table
Density(g/cm3) 1.2
Heat Distortion Temp(℃,0.45MPa) 53
Melt Flow Index(g/10min) 3.5(190℃/2.16kg)
Tensile Strength(MPa) 72
Elongation at Break(%) 11.8
Flexural Strength(MPa) 90
Flexural Modulus(MPa) 1915
IZOD Impact Strength(kJ/㎡) 5.4
Durability 4/10
Printability 9/10
Recommended printing parameters
Extruder Temperature(℃) 210-230℃
Bed temperature(℃)  45 – 60°C
Fan Speed  100%
Printing Speed  40 – 100mm/s
Heated Bed  Optional
Recommended Build Surfaces Masking paper, PVP solid glue, glass board, carbon fiber board, PEI
Flexible ——
Elastic ——
Impact Resistant ——
Soft ——
Composite ——
 UV Resistant ——
Water Resistant ——
Dissolvable ——
Heat Resistant ——
Chemically Resistant ——
Fatigue Resistant ——
Need drying ——
Heated Bed Required ——
Print recommend ——

1.Luminous PLA is easy to grind nozzle and extruder gear, it is recommended to use steel nozzle or ruby nozzle, hardened steel extruder gear will be perfect , if the nozzle is clogging , replace the throat and nozzle.
2. The luminous effect is related to the intensity and time of light source. The longer the irradiation time, the better the luminous effect.

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