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  • PLA+CMYK-Four-color-suit wap

Why eSUN Initiate review cooperation?

eSUN apply ourselves to supply more abundant and durable 3D printing materials,carefully listen to users' opinions and suggestions, then make adjustments and changes in time. Therefore,eSUN wil offer free products or discount-price for experienced 3d printer user to test our products. All the reviews should post his or her own impartial review online.

  • How long i can get reply?

    We will reply you within 10 working days in free review project.

  • How much should I pay for it ?

    You dont need to pay for the transportation expenses,eSUN will help you handle this.

  • I am from Island area, can i apply it ?

    We can only deliver to the shipping area that we covered for now. you can contact us to confirm that.

  • How it works ?

    Apply - eSUN contacts you for more info - Send the works - Done

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