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The paper reel and non-reel filament solution that is compatible with Bambu Lab AMS

Post time: 2023-06-09

The problem with 3D printing is solved by 3D printing! Hello everyone, 3D printers! Various brands of fast printing machines have been on the market for some time. Have you already owned your own Bambu Lab, CREALITY K1 series, Ankermake M5, Flusun V400? As soon as the fast printing machine led by Bambu Lab was launched, it sparked a heated discussion and sparked a wave of fast printing, with many players acquiring different fast printing machines.

After a period of experience, eSUN has also received a lot of feedback from users regarding the printing process of materials.


Firstly, there is a problem with the paper reel.

Our original intention in designing paper reel was to protect the environment while reducing the various problems caused by empty reels to a certain extent. However, according to user feedback, there is a problem with the smooth operation and transfer of paper reel on Bambu Lab AMS. For example, when the paper reel retracts in AMS, the frictional resistance is relatively high, which can easily slip and increase the probability of winding.


Based on the above issues, we have designed accessories to match the paper reel based on the eSUN wire specifications, as shown in the following figure. Placing this accessory on a paper reel can effectively avoid issues such as “slipping” and make the fast printing process smoother .



Secondly, there is the issue of compatibility between non-reel filament and Bambu Lab printing equipment.

No matter what printing equipment it is, the “troubles” brought by multiple reels are real. This is also the main reason why non reel filament will be launched. Based on actual experience, eSUN’s non reel material has a larger inner diameter and is not directly compatible with the Bambu Lab printer in terms of height. Therefore, considering some user needs, we have designed a printable accessory, as shown in the following figure.



The above is a comprehensive solution we have designed based on user feedback to enable smoother printing of different materials on the Bambu Lab printer. At present, the stl files of the two accessories have been uploaded to the official website, click to download.


If you encounter any issues related to the compatibility of materials and equipment during the printing process, please feel free to provide feedback to us. ESUN will continue to optimize material performance, and we will also comprehensively optimize the user experience in various details. Stay tuned!

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