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eSUN launches PW100 PLA Water Washable Resin to support the ECO and low-carbon transformation of light-curing 3D printing

Post time: 2023-02-02

PW100 PLA Water Washable Resin, one of the masterpieces of eSUN bio-based series, together with standard resin and eResin-pla pro, constitutes the “three environmentally friendly brothers” in the field of eSUN photosensitive resin products.


1. About “biobased”

The reason why it is called an “environmentally friendly material” is mainly based on bio-based ingredients. eSUN has always been committed to applying and exploring environmentally friendly materials, and the company has the first-mover advantage of self-produced PLA polyols. eSUN Bio-polylactic acid polyol is a 100% bio-based eco-friendly material that can be fermented from non-grain biomass raw materials (agricultural and forestry waste such as straw), and can replace polyols based on petrochemicals.


Life cycle assessment (LCA) revealed that PLA polyols reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 40% compared to existing petrochemical-based polyol production processes.


eSUN PW100 PLA Water Washable Resin uses biological polylactic acid polyols as raw materials to make bio-based prepolymers, which reduces the use of petroleum-based polyols. It contributes to environmental protection. Also, PW100 PLA Water Washable Resin continues the advantage of the original water-washable resin and can be used in prototype design, dental models, animation figures, decorative parts, cultural and creative peripherals and other fields. It promotes the transformation of various industries in the direction of low-carbon and environmental protection.



Based on the “bio-based” feature, the resin also has “low odor and less irritation”, which is more friendly to 3D printing people and is one of the preferred materials for schools and other educational institutions.


Let’s take a look at other performance characteristics of this new resin.


2. It can be washed directly and the post-processing is more convenient

The PW100 PLA Water Washable Resin is the same as the Water Washable Resin and can be washed directly. It is safer and more efficient. Also, the washing operation is not easy to damage the surface details of the model, it is not easy to fade, and is more friendly to users.



The wastewater should not be discharged directly to the sink. We sincerely suggest that you put it in a container and put it in the sun until completely solidify the dissolved resin before discharging it. Protecting the environment is everyone’s responsibility.

3. Low viscosity and good fluidity

As shown in the picture below, this bio-based high-precision resin has the characteristics of “low viscosity and good fluidity”. During the printing process, the material reflows quickly, there is no residue on the release film, it is easier to release, and the fine support of the model is not easy to break.


4. High precision, smooth surface

After the printing test, PW100 PLA Water Washable Resin also has a good performance in terms of precision. Whether it is printing a large hand-made model or a small ornament, the surface of the model is smooth.

As shown in the picture below, you can see the overall and partial details of the model.

图片4 图片5 图片6 图片7

In general, the resin has a good performance in the aspects of “printing smoothness”, “operation convenience”, etc. It is a widely used material for daily printing.

The material has 4 colors (black, white, gray, and beige) and is widely compatible with 99% of LCD printers on the market, compatible with color screens, mono screens, and large or small-size printers.


The following are some relevant product parameters for your reference:


The PW100 PLA PW100 PLA Water Washable Resin has been put on the Tmall flagship store of ESUN and the official WeChat store. For more product details, you can search for “ESUN” and enter the official store. If you have any problems during the printing process, please feel free to contact us, or join the eSUN official fan group, and communicate with the majority of 3D printing enthusiasts and eSUN printing engineers~

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