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eSUN eCure Pro 3.0 Is Here!

Post time: 2023-02-07

Hey eSUN SVIP users

Do you still remember the live stream on the evening of January 5th, we introduced the functions and applications of the new accessory——eCure Pro curing box. (scans the QR code below to replay the live)


The curing box, eSUN has launched the “economical version” and “portable version” to match users with different needs. The eCure Pro curing box can be called the “luxury version”. So, what are the features of the “Luxury Edition” curing box? Let’s check below~

1. Make post-curing of large models more convenient

As shown in the figure below, the size of this curing box is L300*W300*H250 (mm), which is larger than eCure and eCure Lite, and can provide a more convenient and efficient post-curing experience for users who need to print larger-sized models.


2. All-round curing

First of all, a turntable plate at the bottom of the curing box can achieve a comprehensive curing effect and improve curing speed and efficiency by rotating around 360°.


Secondly, three rows of high-power UV LED ultraviolet lamps are installed in different directions in the curing box, and the model can be uniformly cured in all directions through the irradiation of multi-faceted light sources. Combined with the bottom rotating disc, it can achieve high-quality and efficient post-curing effect.

Tips: There are 16 lamp beads in the curing box, and each lamp bead can be used for more than 20,000 hours, which is durable and no need to be replaced repeatedly.


3. Timed curing without exposure

The eCure Pro curing box supports timing curing for 1-10 minutes. According to the size of the model and different resin types, users can choose the appropriate curing time according to their needs to avoid problems such as overexposure or incomplete curing.


The design of the eCure Pro is constantly optimized in detail. From the user’s point of view, post-curing becomes more efficient and intelligent. As a product of the “Luxury Edition”, I believe that the overall experience will make users experience high-quality!

eCure Pro parameters are as follows:


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