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eSUN ABS+ 3D printer material based on the modification of ABS material.ABS+ filament has higher mechanical properties, lower odor and lower shrinkage rate than conventional ABS materials.

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With high toughness and high impact resistance, eSUN ABS+ 3D printer material, can be used to print sturdy and durable parts.ABS plus is low VOC volatile content, low odor during printing, comfortable printing without pressure; ABS+ filament has low shrinkage, not easy to warp and crack during printing.

Selling point

Heat resistance
Sturdy and durable
High toughness
Low odor

Low shrinkage
High impact resistance
Excellent printability

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* Application
Machinery Mould Toy Automobile Electronic appliances
* Print model
  • ABS+ print model (2)
  • ABS+ print model (3)
  • ABS+ print model
  • ABS+ print model (4)


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1. The shrinkage rate of ABS+ material is large, so you should pay attention to heat preservation when printing, and print in a printer with a closed chamber.
2. The cooling of ABS+ is slightly worse. You can turn on a fan to improve the printing effect, or reduce the drape angle structure in the model; or try to reduce the speed to print.

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