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Neat wiring has been carried forward by eSUN to optimize user experiences

Post time: 2021-11-18

It is Thanksgiving again. We would love to express our sincere thanks to all the friends who support and love eSUN! Thanks to our customers for your choice, to our partners for your trust, and all our colleagues for your hard work~

In 2021, thanks to the extensive support and recognition of users in the global 3D printing industry, eSUN maintains a huge shipment volume, providing consumers in over 100 countries and regions around the world with a variety of high-quality 3D printing products, consumables and accessories.

Speaking of 3D printing filaments, eSUN has received suggestions and ideas from many users about neatly wiring before.

To effectively solve the demands, eSUN has fully carried out the work of neatly wiring in 2021. Now, all the process is in order.




As shown in the picture above, the new PLA-MATTE launched by eSUN in the second half-year has fully neat wired. In the follow-up, eSUN will gradually upgrade other product categories, providing a better user experience for whoever chooses eSUN.

Except for the neatly wiring request, we have also taken corresponding measures to meet other users’ needs.

I.  Empty plastic spool waste solution

The traditional wire will generate several empty plastic spools after being used. Based on this question, eSUN proposes the concept of “Refilament + reusable spool (eSpool)”, replacing the traditional spool with a reusable spool. It has been widely recognized and affirmed by users domestic and overseas once launched.


In addition, eSUN also continuing to develop new environmentally friendly packaging, paper spools for instance, so please stay tuned~

II. Environmentally friendly packaging and resource waste solution

eSUN launched two cost-effective new products in the second half of 2021, ePLA-GLOSS and ePLA-MATTE. Those product spools are made of PETG, ABS, PLA and other production waste and industrial waste. And with recycling and injection molding, they are into use again. The outer box is also made of Recyclable cartons which make 3D printing more sustainable.


To deliver better services and products to consumers and society, eSUN always pays attention to users’ needs and carries responsibility. The progress and development we have made are also inseparable from the trust and support of all our fans. I would like to express my most sincere thanks to you again. I wish you a happy Thanksgiving, and work together to promote and achieve the long-term and healthy development of the 3D printing industry!


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