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eSUN Bio-based light curing materials get new application scenarios

Post time: 2021-12-09

eSUN has been exploring various applications of environmentally friendly materials for decades. Based on its intellectual property rights, eSUN has successfully promoted and developed the industry by introducing environmentally friendly materials such as PLA into the 3D printing industry.

In the field of light curing, eSUN maintains its competitiveness among 3D printing resin products. Also, the bio-based series of light-curing materials are energy-saving and environmentally-friendly new materials that can replace traditional coatings. , Inks and adhesives, widely used in various industries and fields.

I. Application of eSUN light curing materials in the field of 3D printing

In 2021, despite the impact of the global epidemic, the growth of the light-curing 3D market has slowed, but the overall trend is still improving. Based on the application of light-curing printing technology in the fields of miniatures, dentistry, casting, shoe materials, etc. eSUN launch new products such as eResin-PMMA like and High-temp resins in 2021 to meet the different needs of users.

Introduction of some best sellers:

1. eResin-PLA Pro special for MONO LCD

eResin-PLA Pro is synthesized from eSUN’s PLA polyol. It is compatible with color screens and MONO screens, both large and small sizes. It has good toughness, low odor, and smooth print surfaces. The mold will get high precision and resolution. It is suitable for printing various miniatures and dental molds.



1. eResin-PMMA like

eResin-PMMA like has the characteristics of high permeability and resistance to yellowing. It is suitable for high permeability applications in non-high temperature environments. Acrylic and glass-like appearance and excellent in post-treatment after being polished and sprayed with UV high-transmitting oil. Excellent in transparency which makes it more suitable for shape and assembly verification, and can also be used to verify exquisite transparent conceptual models.


2. LCD Water washable resin

eSUN water-washable resin can be washed directly, eliminating the need for alcohol cleaning, greatly shortening the post-processing time, improving printing efficiency. The molding has high precision and a smooth surface, and the printing details are visible. The mechanical properties such as strength, toughness and rigidity are balanced. Low viscosity, high release rate and easy to print.


eSUN’s resin products are compatible with main DLP and LCD printers and have multi-color options. If you have any suggestions for the product, please feel free to contact us!

II. Innovative applications of eSUN light-curable materials

In 2018, eSUN applied for the patent of “PLA bio-based resin and method of use”, and it was officially authorized and announced in July 2021.


Based on the self-produced PLA bio-based light-curing materials, eSUN has boldly innovated and continued to develop new environmentally-friendly light-curing applications. The application fields of the products involve coatings, inks, adhesives, etc.

1. Coating

(1) UV spray repair resin (for 3D printing post-processing)

Rapid prototyping technology is mostly layer-by-layer molding, so the surface of the molded part is rough or even layered. UV spray can adjust the physical and chemical properties of eResin-PLA, reduce viscosity, enhance leveling, increase hardness and curing speed, expose and cure after spraying, and smooth the surface of the molded part.


(2) UV varnish-coated varnish

Features: bio-based, non-toxic and environmentally friendly; flexible, foldable without cracking, low viscosity, fast curing speed; waterproof and oil-proof;

Application: all kinds of packaging, cigarette packs, greaseproof paper, etc.


(3) UV varnish-transfer varnish

Process: oiling → laminating → exposure →  Take off; transfers different surface effects; the PLA/PP is compounded with the paper substrate through the hot pressing process, which is widely used in electronic products and gifts outer packaging.


image018 image019

2. Adhesive

Adhesives are used in a wide range, including medical treatment, electronic, high-speed rail, urban rail transit, aerospace, eco-energy, industrial assembly automation, and smart terminal equipment. Adhesives made from eSUN bio-based light-curable materials are environmentally friendly, non-toxic, non-polluting to the environment, and match the standard of low-carbon green economy development.




(1) The application of adhesive in the field of express packaging bags

Features: Good flexibility and strong adhesion.

(2) Application of adhesive in the field of glue

Features: It can bond glass and metal; the bond is firm and durable.


Petroleum-based carbon emissions are high, and polylactic acid (PLA)-based is more “mild.” In the era of a low-carbon economy, more environmentally friendly bio-based materials will usher in a broader development market. Based on its intellectual property rights, eSUN will continue to increase R&D and investment, promote the application of bio-based materials in various industries and fields, and promote green and healthy economic development.

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