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After three years, eSUN will be unveiled at the German Formnext in 2022

Post time: 2022-11-14

From November 15th to 18th, 2022, the world’s largest additive manufacturing exhibition Formnext will be held in Frankfurt, Germany. As a world leading exhibition in additive manufacturing and modern industrial production, Formnext will display a large number of innovative products, covering the entire process chain of new technologies, systems, materials and post-processing.

After three years, eSUN will also show up with a variety of high-quality 3D printing materials and industrial application cases. Please look forward to it!

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3D Printing Materials

German Formnext eSUN Exhibition Keyword Quick Look

1.High Speed



High speed printing is one of the future trends of 3D printing. Under the background that major equipment manufacturers have successively launched fast printing equipment to improve printing efficiency, the latest ePLA-HF developed by eSUN will also be unveiled at the German Formnext.

After repeated tests, the model printed with eSUN fast PLA has high surface quality and good detail performance. At the same time, the material has excellent printability and good adaptability. Through the adjustment of the material production process, the dependence of fast printing on the printer cooling power can be reduced, and the smooth silk production without plugging and fast cooling without deformation can be achieved during high-speed printing.


eTPU-Antibacteria is a new material jointly released by eSUN and Wanhua Chemical. Compared with the previous eTPU-95A, it has excellent antibacterial and mildew resistant effects. The antibacterial rate against Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus is as high as 99.9%, and the mildew resistant grade can reach Grade 0 – anti mold erosion. In addition, the eTPU-Antibacteria can also achieve the effect of fast printing. By adjusting the balance between flow temperature and viscosity, the eTPU-Antibacteria can give consideration to both strength and formability while maintaining high fluidity, and can also maintain good performance under high-speed printing.


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eSUN Aesthetic Materials

After a long absence, what innovations and breakthroughs has eSUN made in the research, development and application of aesthetic materials?

In this exhibition, we will bring new ePLA-Metal, ePLA-Silk Magic, matte and flash series materials, PLA+ in very Peri, classic silk series materials, Makaron S200 Standard Resin and other products to meet you. Welcome all the makers, new and old friends to visit the eSUN booth!



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What efforts has eSUN made for environmental protection?

In the research and development of 3D printing materials, based on eSUN’s stable production capacity of polylactic acid polyols, we can independently carry out the synthesis, modification and formulation development of photosensitive resins, and provide users with a series of products with different characteristics and application scenarios. In addition to bio based high-precision resin, eSUN will also bring bio based washing resin, bio based orthodontic dental mold resin, etc.

In addition, in terms of product design, considering that a large number of empty plastic wire reels will be generated after the use of traditional wire rods, which are non degradable and have low reuse rate and occupy the user’s storage space. In this regard, eSUN has launched two solutions.

First, the use of no reel refilament and recyclable eSpool helps reduce plastic waste pollution and resource waste in the production process. Second, use paper wire reel instead of traditional plastic wire reel. At the same time, it will also be the key display product of eSUN in this exhibition.




eSUN Engineering Materials and Functional Materials

In addition to general and aesthetic materials, eSUN engineering materials and functional materials will also be exhibited at Formnext. The latest PEEK and carbon fiber nylon series materials launched by eSUN, as well as the lightweight materials favored by the majority of aviation model enthusiasts, will meet with you as scheduled to help promote the in-depth application of 3D printing technology in professional fields.


iSUN3D Customized Orthotic Insole System

iSUN3D & Formnext 202210

In this exhibition, iSUN3D will focus on the fully upgraded digital orthotic insole system to provide users with a better use experience.

In terms of data collection, iGAIT, together with iFEET Foot, can help users achieve integrated front section collection, provide more comfortable experience and more professional reports! In terms of materials, the bacteriostatic and mould proof TPU has been officially put into production. The iSUN-FLX3 continuous wireless printer has made breakthroughs and innovations in functions, including remote control, remote monitoring, continuous printing and other functions.11

iSUN-FLX3 Continuous Wireless Printer

At present, iSUN3D customized orthopedic insole system has been applied in many institutions or hospitals. At that time, friends participating in and visiting the exhibition can actually experience the efficient service of iSUN3D customized orthopedic insole system on site~

The above are just some highlights of this exhibition. More exciting content is available at the eSUN booth! From November 15 to 18, all new and old friends are welcome to visit the eSUN booth, visit, share and exchange, and jointly discuss the development trend and future of 3D printing industry.

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