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ePLA-Metal VS eSilk-PLA, who is gonna take the crown?

Post time: 2022-11-11

Hi there,

Whoever watched our live broadcast last month may know that eSUN has launched a new aesthetic filament-ePLA-Metal.

As the name implies, through the keyword “metal”, it is not difficult to find that the appearance of this new material is imitation metal without spraying, polishing and post-processing.

Friends who are familiar with the eSUN product may know that we have many categories of gold and silver filaments, which have different features and benefits and can meet the needs of users on different occasions. Among them, eSilk-PLA, as our hit product provides sufficient support for the creation of 3D printing users.

So, let’s check out a set of pictures to see the uniqueness of ePLA-Metal.

The following two vases are printed with the classic eSilk-PLA and the new ePLA-Metal.

eSilk-PLA printing vase:

eSilk-PLA printing vase

ePLA-Metal printing vase


We can tell that he eSilk-PLA is mainly characterized by the luster of silk, which is brilliant and gorgeous. While the ePLA-Metal is more delicate, stable and heavy, showing the texture in a low-key manner.

ePLA-Metal has launched a total of 3 colors, gold, silver, and bronze so far. The following pictures may give you an idea about the ePLA-Metal applications.

图片10 图片11 图片12

ePLA-Metal also has the characteristics of easy printing, easy peeling, smooth surface and no layers.


Exhibition notice

The FORMNEXT exhibition in Germany will be held in Frankfurt from November 15th to 18th. eSUN will also join this phenomenal 3d printing event, please stay tuned!


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