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7 eSUN dental special resins have been certified by the FDA

Post time: 2022-12-05

eSUN has a variety of 3D printing dental resins that can be applied in different scenarios. Recently, 7 resins have obtained FDA certification (Class I) for dental special resin materials.


As a new digital technology, 3D printing technology can provide dental users with accurate and efficient treatment plans. With the continuous development and progress of 3D printing technology and materials, the global 3D printing dental market shows great prospects.


Based on diversified demands, eSUN has developed digital solutions that comprehensively serve relevant institutions and users in the dental and medical industry, helping to improve medical efficiency.

Based on independent R&D and production capabilities and exclusive bio-based resin synthesis technology, eSUN has developed a variety of dental special resin materials. These materials have good biocompatibility and related products have low irritation. Safer for the human body and environment.


DM100 Dental Model Resin, OM100 Ortho Model Resin, WO100 Water-Washable Ortho Model Resin, CT100 Custom Tray Resin, DC100 Dental Cast Resin, SG100 Surgical Guide Resin, GM100 Gingiva Mask Resin have passed FDA certification. According to their respective advantages and characteristics, they can be applied to different scenarios.



With the rapid development of the dental 3D printing market, standardizing and continuously improving material production standards will help improve and expand the application depth and breadth of 3D printing technology in the dental industry and optimize the user experience.

Material technology makes creation easy. The application of eSUN photosensitive resin materials in the fields of figures, castings, and shoe materials have gradually deepened and specialized. eSUN will continue to increase R&D investment to provide stable and efficient material support for innovative applications of 3D printing technology in other industries.

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