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Unveiling the New Aesthetic Filament : ePLA – Chameleon

Post time: 2024-04-12

Good news!! The new aesthetic filament from eSUN - ePLA-Chameleon has officially hit the shelves at the eSUN Tmall flagship store.

As shown in the video above, ePLA-Chameleon comes in 5 colors: Technology Black, Galaxy Blue, Nebula Purple, North Star Green, and Raspberry Red.

Taking Technology Black as an example, you can learn more about the material by combining it with the model picture below. As a core-sheathed aesthetic material, ePLA-Chameleon adds luminescent powder, endowing it with a dazzling light effect. Through light refraction, it presents different visual appearances from various angles, thus earning the name “ePLA-Chameleon”.

ePLA-Chameleon main viewePLA-Chameleon other views

Technology Black is different from traditional black filaments, presenting a gray-blue visual effect, and is also the main color promoted at this time. Examples of printed models in the other four colors are shown below.

ePLA-Chameleon printed model dragon eggePLA-Chameleon printed model baby dragon

Moreover, as a member of the PLA material series, ePLA-Chameleon is easy to print on and features a surface that doesn’t show layer lines.

In terms of applications, ePLA-Chameleon, like other aesthetic materials, can be used to print toys, decorative pieces, etc.

The performance parameters and recommended printing parameters for ePLA-Chameleon material are shown in the figure below for your reference.


Warm reminder: Pay attention to heat dissipation when printing ePLA-Chameleon materials, and it is recommended not to seal the box for printing. In addition, lowering the print speed can improve print quality when printing smaller models or sharper parts of the model.

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