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We’ve Turned the Galaxy Palette into Filament!

Post time: 2024-03-28

At the beginning of March, eSUN’s new aesthetic material, ePLA-Magic Fantasy Dual Color PLA, was officially launched.

Without further ado, let’s appreciate its beauty!

It is understood that the creative inspiration for ePLA-Magic comes from the galaxy, with the dark night as the background and layers of starlight spread on top, the interweaving of the two creates a low-key yet gorgeous sense reminiscent of the starry galaxy.


As an aesthetic material, ePLA-Magic is unique. Unlike the radiant luster of silk materials or the subdued matte texture of matte materials, it stands out by presenting a dual-color gradient effect visually when printing spherical or models with less pronounced edges. Upon closer inspection of the printed model’s surface, the fine powder makes the model appear as if it’s “glowing and shimmering,” akin to the eternal, mysterious, and beautiful starry sky that inspires wonder.

Moreover, as part of the PLA material series, ePLA-Magic also features easy printing and supports easy support removal.

In terms of applications, ePLA-Magic, like other aesthetic materials, can be used to print toys, decorative pieces, etc. It is also hoped that this new product will provide creators with inspiration and more creative support.

Currently, ePLA-Magic is available in four colors: Dark Twinkling Blue, Dark Twinkling Gold, Dark Twinkling Green, and Dark Twinkling Purple. For specific printed model examples, please refer to the image below.


The performance and recommended printing parameters for ePLA-Magic material are also shown in the image below.


A friendly reminder: when printing with ePLA-Magic material, pay attention to heat dissipation. It is recommended to print without an enclosure. Also, a slower printing speed and a temperature of 230 degrees Celsius will make the model more shiny and sparkling.

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