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By balancing the melt flow index and melt temperature, the ePLA-HS( high speed PLA) can flow smoothly in molten state and cool fast during printing. In this way, it can achieve smooth printing without clogging and fast cooling without deformation during high speed printing.

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Compared with normal materials, the printing speed is faster, the quality of the surface of printed object is higher, and the detail performance is better. The ePLA-HS has good adaptability. By adjusting the materials, the high speed printing reduces the dependence on the cooling power of the printer and improves the printing performance. This high flow PLA can be used in concept models and rapid prototyping.


Smooth flow without blocking.
Faster cooling and forming.
More suitable for high-speed printing.

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Mechanism Electronics Automobile Ornament COSPLAY
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  • DSC05957
  • DSC05965
  • DSC05967
  • DSC06025(1)(2)
  • DSCF2554
  • DSCF2662
  • DSCF2666

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