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PA-CF Particles

3D printing materials developed based on nylon, added with carbon fiber, which greatly enhances the strength, rigidity and toughness of nylon, and can be used as a substitute for metal in many occasions; self-lubricating and wear-resistant properties make PA-CF Particles suitable for printing gears.




* Description:


High toughness and impact resistance, make the carbon fiber reinforced nylon 3d printing materials suitable for printing durable parts; high temperature resistance, heat distortion temperature as high as 155℃; Low shrinkage rate, not easy to warp and crack during printing, and the surface of printed items is matte and delicate.


Heat resistance
High strength
High rigidity
High toughness
High impact resistance

Abrasion resistance
High dimensional stability
Matte surface effect
Excellent printability

* Application
Mechanica Automobile Chemical industry Electronic appliances

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