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The eSUN European Reseller Conference was Successfully Held in Frankfurt.

Post time: 2022-11-18

On November 17th, on the occasion of the German Formnext, the eSUN European Reseller Conference was successfully held in Frankfurt. After three years of absence, this offline meeting is of great significance to all partners and eSUN.

f3781d6167066c70477c2a1067a87921 IMG_20221117_162234(1) IMG_20221117_162257(1)

Pictures | eSUN European Reseller Conference Site

In the past few years, we have experienced many problems, such as the impact of the global epidemic, the turbulence of international relations, the rise of production costs and transportation costs, and the energy crisis. However, even so, the global business of eSUN can still maintain a steady development. Our phased achievements are inseparable from the trust, support and efforts of global resellers. Here, we would like to express our sincere thanks and respect to all our partners.

IMG_20221117_171419(1) IMG_20221117_171837(12) IMG_20221117_172035(1)

Pictures | Reseller Certificate Awarded

Discuss industry changes and explore future development. In the changing environment of the external market, change is the only way to make progress. At this conference, eSUN also sent a positive signal to all partners. By continuously upgrading the product line, strengthening the global supply chain and service system, laying out localized marketing, and comprehensively preparing for new business growth points in the future, eSUN has effectively enhanced resellers’ confidence and belief in brand development.

In terms of products, eSUN fast series solutions have gradually become mature, and faster printing equipment and high-performance fast printing materials will bring great changes to the industry. At the same time, eSUN will also strive to continuously enrich various types of materials, such as aesthetic materials, engineering materials, functional materials, etc., consolidate the quality foundation, improve product quality, and provide users with high-quality products and services.

high speed pla

In terms of production and supply chain management, the production capacity of eSUN Vietnam factory continues to increase, and the variety of products continues to increase, effectively improving the global supply capacity. While increasing the output, the Vietnamese factory strictly abides by the 6S management principle and strictly controls the product quality. At present, neat wiring has been fully implemented as the quality acceptance standard of Vietnam factory.

In terms of marketing management, in the future, eSUN will mainly promote localized marketing strategies, fully empower dealers, improve digital marketing capabilities, help brand partners transform and innovate, and occupy a larger market.

In the free question session of the conference, dealers frankly raised their concerns. Everyone was open and brainstorming. Sincere communication made the on-site atmosphere relaxed and pleasant. After the meeting, we also had full communication and exchange.

 IMG_20221117_161739(1) 会后讨论IMG_20221117_173052(1)

The 3D printing industry is in a stage of rapid development. With the increase of the equipment inventory of 3D printing user groups, the material consumption will continue to increase in the future. Although we still face many complex problems, we can overcome all difficulties if we unite as one. In the future, eSUN will work hand in hand with our reseller partners to meet the challenges and achieve both self growth and brand vision.

In the context of the normalization of global epidemic, eSUN will more actively participate in offline activities such as overseas exhibitions and seminars, and look forward to our next gathering!


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