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eSUN 2021 Product Annual Conference

Post time: 2021-12-30

Hello everyone, welcome to the “site” of the eSUN 2021 product annual meeting. All our “Contestants” are ready, and they will compete with each other to get the Product of the year of 2021. Please stay tuned!

Contestant No. 1: High Temp Resin

(Release time: February 8, 2021)

High Temp Resin

Entry declaration:

High Temp Resin is an industrial level resin, which has a good temperature resistance and withstand long-term heating at 120°C or boiling at 100°C. It also has high hardness, high strength, high modulus, and high precision. The material has excellent mechanical properties, weather resistance and temperature resistance after fully cured .

As the application depth of 3D printing technology in the industrial field increases, higher requirements are also placed on 3D printing materials. It is clearly shows that High Temp Resin has advantages in the customization of high-strength engineering parts.

Contestant No. 2: Solvay Filament

(Release time: March 30, 2021; Sales in China)

Solvay Filament

Entry declaration:

Solvay is a global leader in the fields of materials, chemicals and solutions. Based on its keen insight into the development trend of the 3D printing industry, Solvay has launched four special polymer materials and selected eSUN (3D printing materials Global leading brand) as the agent of Solvay Materials in China.

Contestant No. 2 got a strong back-up and is also a strong player in industrial applications. It has excellent performance and can even replace some metals for use in harsh terminal environments.


Contestant No. 3: ePLA-LW

(Release time: April 6, 2021)

ePLA-LW_Print model-2



Entry declaration:

Lightweight PLA (ePLA-LW) is specially developed by eSUN for the fields of model airplanes, drones, and COSPLAY. It has stable bonding between layers, and the foaming rate and strength can be controlled by adjusting the printing temperature. Using active foaming technology to realize lightweight, low-density PLA parts, the foaming volume ratio is 220%, and the density is as low as 0.54g/cm3. Under the same model and at the same speed, the use of lightweight PLA enables the model aircraft to have a lighter wing load and a lower stall speed, which can greatly improve the performance of the model aircraft.

Lightweight PLA was once “on the shelf” and was welcomed by the majority of aeromodelling DIY enthusiasts. To compete for the Product of the year, there is also a place for him.

Contestant No. 4: PLA Luminous-Rainbow & eStars-PLA

(Release time: April, 2021)


PLA Luminous-Rainbow

Entry declaration:

Contestant No. 4 is a Double play. PLA Luminous-Rainbow & eStars-PLA are both aesthetic materials, with high appearance and full of unlimited imagination.

Using these two luminous materials for 3D printing can make more wonderful ideas come true. Its unique appearance performance of presenting colorful gradient luminous colors and starry sky colors can also get more innovative applications in other industries and fields.


Contestant No. 5: eBOX-Lite

(Release time: May 19, 2021)


Entry declaration:

eBOX-Lite is a lightweight upgraded version launched by eSUN on the basis of eBOX. The weighing function has been removed, while the heating design of the product has been optimized and improved. eBOX-Lite adopts the design of arc heating film and sheet metal heat conducting film, which makes heating more even and easier to maintain constant temperature and humidity; three-dimensional arc PI heating film, compared with desiccant and traditional plane PI heating film,  can heats more evenly with higher efficiency. Flame-retardant thermal insulation cotton is placed on both sides of the eBOX-Lite, which is safe and anti-scald, and also has a thermal insulation function.

Overall, the heating efficiency of eBOX-Lite is improved, and the cost performance is improved, which can further meet the needs of different users.

A good use of 3D printing accessories can reduce the negative impact on printing quality and optimize the 3D printing experience. As a major eSUN accessories products, eBOX-Lite also has its unique advantages when competing for the Product of the year.

Contestant No. 6: ePA12-CF/ePAHT-GK

(Release time: May 27, 2021)


Entry declaration:

ePA12-CF carbon fiber reinforced nylon 12 and ePAHT-GK glass bead reinforced nylon, these two engineering 3D printing consumables were jointly released by eSUN and LEHVOSS at the Asia 3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing Exhibition in 2021.

They have excellent performance, and the main target markets cover machinery, chemicals, electrical and electronics, robotics, drones, automobiles, textiles, aerospace, etc. With outstanding strength and strong backing, will Contestant No. 6 be the product of the year in 2021?

Contestant No. 7: ePA12

(Release time: July 6, 2021)


Entry declaration:

ePA12 is an industrial-grade 3D printing material with low moisture absorption, high toughness, and high impact resistance. Its excellent fatigue resistance and toughness can meet the requirements of high mechanical properties. It can be used in machinery, automobiles, aerospace, Electronic and electrical, consumer goods and other fields.

Contestant No. 8: ePLA-Gloss

(Release time: July 15, 2021)


Entry declaration:

ePLA-Gloss is a cost-effective and economical PLA filament. Its biggest feature is the rendering effect of the “bright surface”. The surface of the model printed with ePLA-Gloss is very smooth, and the gloss is pleasing to the eye, which will provide you with a full and bright visual experience.

As one of the main products promoted by eSUN in the second half of the year, ePLA-Gloss also got its fans.


Contestant No.9 : ePLA-Matte

(Release time: Aug 6, 2021)


Entry declaration:

ePLA-Matte is also one of eSUN 2021′s blockbuster products. The matte surface effect is the biggest highlight. The model with matte PLA has a matte surface with no visible lamination, and the effect is more advanced. eSUN has also adopted a maca color system, a refreshing romantic color, dynamic 3D printing offers new options for users.

In general, the ePLA-Matte is also an important Contestant in this year’s competition!


Contestant No.10 :eEnclosure

(Release time: Oct 28, 2021)


Entry declaration:

Many FDM printing machines have an open structure, so the temperature and humidity of the external environment may affect the print quality.Also when printing ABS and other materials, it will emit irritating odors, which will affect 3D printing experience.

eEnclosure provides a confined space with activated carbon, it can absorb harmful VOC and isolate ultrafine particles from escaping, bringing a safer experience to 3D printing users. As consumption upgrades, eEnclosure can further meet the needs of 3D printing enthusiasts.


Contestant No.11 :eCure

(Release time: Dec 14, 2021)


Entry declaration:

eCure curing box can quickly and completely cure the light-cured model in a few minutes. After the secondary curing, the model will be harder than the ordinary one, and the surface will be smoother, which improves the quality and efficiency of light-curing printing.


The above is a collection of new products launched by eSUN in 2021. Which one is your favorite of the year?

In 2021, the industry is still in a constantly changing environment. In the era of changes, we cannot stop our progress. We always believe that moving forward is the most powerful response to uncertainty.

In 2022, eSUN will continue to pay close attention to market changes and user needs, and provide you with more high-quality products. We look forward to working with you,and promote the healthy and stable development of the 3D printing industry. If you have any suggestions, you are also welcome to leave us a message below. Thanks for your support in 2021. We are ready to embrace more surprises and challenges in 2022!

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