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TCT Asia 2024 | Explore Materials, Focus eSUN!

Post time: 2024-04-25

On May 7-9, the Asian 3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing Exhibition (TCT Asia 2024) will be held at the National Exhibition and Convention Center in Shanghai.

eSUN will feature a variety of 3D printing materials at booth 8B22 in Hall 8.1. We sincerely invite friends from all industry to the eSUN booth for discussion and exchange!

Rocky Mountain RepRap Festival 2024

After a year, what are the highlights of this year’s TCT event at the eSUN booth?

 Explore Materials, See New Products

New products are, of course, a hot topic at this exhibition. eSUN will showcase various new products, including popular new aesthetic and engineering materials this time.

1.New Aesthetic Materials: Dazzling and Brilliant

In addition to this year’s new ePLA-Magic and ePLA-Chameleon, this exhibition will also feature several new aesthetic materials from eSUN, such as the ePLA-Silk Candy series, ePLA-Silk Rainbow series in forest, coral, and cosmic colors. The latest products maintain a high gloss, with more decadent color layers and varied effects.

New Aesthetic Material



ePLA-Silk Candy series

2. New Engineering Materials: Expanding Application Scenarios

Where are the fans and loyal enthusiasts of ABS! In addition to the previous eABS, eABS+, eABS+HS, and eABS Max, this exhibition will officially launch three new materials: eABS-GF (Glass Fiber Reinforced ABS), eABS-CF (Carbon Fiber Reinforced ABS), and eABS-HT (High-Temperature Resistant ABS). Additionally, ePETG-CF will also meet everyone at the exhibition! Interested friends can visit the eSUN booth to learn more about these products!

Engineering Materials1

3. New Resin Materials: Enhancing Material Texture and Printing Speed

Furthermore, new materials such as high-temperature resistant resin, matte resin, and high-speed resin will also be displayed at this exhibition. Interested parties are welcome to visit the booth to inquire and learn more about these products!

High Tenp Resin

Matte Resin&High Speed Resin

Explore Materials, See Speed

Fast printing devices are commonplace, but fast printing materials are still a novelty. We aim not just for speed but also for quality! eSUN’s fast printing materials balance efficiency and quality, enhancing the printing experience and productivity.

In addition to the HS series, other new products released by eSUN in the past year, such as ePLA-CF and eSilk-PLA Mystic, also boast good fast printing capabilities.

eSUN's fast printing materials


Explore Materials, See Applications

At the eSUN booth, among many application cases or complete solutions, we first recommend experiencing the full process service of customized 3D printed orthotic insoles, including data collection, insole modeling, on-site printing, and production. While waiting for the insoles to be produced, you can try on the displayed 3D-printed glasses to assess their fashion impact. Additionally, you can visit the 3D-printed human models 3D 3D-printed robots and explore our series of dental solutions… Many more exciting cases are waiting to be discovered!

3D Digital Customization

3D Printed glasse

Explore Materials, Grab Benefits

Print it, Wear it! Wear a PLA-Fiber customized T-shirt, printed with PLA material!

print it wear it

During the exhibition, eSUN will hold raffle events at 11 AM and 2 PM on May 7-8 (raffle tickets must be obtained in advance). The prizes are diverse, including various 3D printing materials, 3D printing filament dry boxes, constant temperature boxes, eSUN PLA customized T-shirts, vacuum packs, and more. Additionally, farm customers who register their information on-site can also receive free trial materials!

Full of benefits, we welcome new and old friends to visit our booth and participate in interactive activities~

TCT Asia 2024

TCT Asia 2024

1.Exhibition Name: Asian 3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing Exhibition

2. Exhibition Date: May 7th -9th

3. Exhibition Location: Shanghai National Exhibition and Convention Center

4. eSUN Booth Number: Hall 8.1, Booth 8B22



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