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The First Exhibition of the Year! eSUN is Set to Make Our Debut at the CHICAGO DENTAL SOCIETY(CDS) in the US

Post time: 2024-02-21

From February 22 to 24, the Chicago Dental Society (CDS) will be held grandly. As a globally renowned dental event, it is set to attract dentists, oral technicians, instrument manufacturers and distributors, and industry professionals worldwide to participate in the meeting.

eSUN will showcase our 3D Printing Dental Photopolymer Resin Solutions, enhancing medical efficiency and providing precise and efficient patient treatment plans. Interested customers are welcome to visit our booth!

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Dental 3D printing resin will be a highlight of the meeting. During this event, eSUN will focus on showcasing a variety of dental 3D printing resin, including:

20240221 (5)

Introduction to Dental Restoration Model Resin:

The smooth model surface has good model texture, high detail reproduction, and high molding accuracy; DM100 Dental Restoration Model Resin has low shrinkage (<0.5%) and good dimensional stability. High surface hardness (>80D); good scratch resistance after post-curing treatment; Good strength and toughness; DM100 Dental Restoration Model Resin can resist specific impacts. This dental resin has High dimensional stability and small deformation for long-term preservation (within seven days), ensuring repeated extraction accuracy.

20240221 (6)

Introduction to Ortho Model Resin:

The orthodontic models’ surfaces are smooth, with high detail reproduction and molding accuracy. With high-temperature resistance, the model printed by dental resin can withstand the high-pressure impact of the hot press molding instrument, and the deformation volume is small under high-temperature conditions. It also features high surface hardness (>83D).

20240221 (7)

Introduction to Temporary Crown & Bridge Resin:

3D printer dental resin, used to print temporary crown and bridge models. Natural texture and color of teeth. After printing, it only requires simple post-curing and polishing for use; it can be in the oral environment for a short time, odorless and tasteless; it has High surface hardness (>80D) and good scratch resistance after curing.

20240221 (8)

Introduction to Dental Cast Resin:

Dental resin for 3D printing crown wax-ups, bridge wax-ups, and stent wax-ups. For casting blank production in precision casting technology. No residue after burning in mass casting; The model has a smooth surface, high detail reduction, and high-precision molding. The casting resin meets the needs of metal casting processes for movable stents, post cores, inner crowns, all-ceramic crowns, veneer, inlay, and other casting process needs.

20240221 (9)

Introduction to Water-Washable Ortho Model Resin:

Special water-washable resin material for dentistry. The model surface is smooth, featuring high detail reproduction and resistance to high temperatures. It can be washed with water, eliminating the need for alcohol cleaning steps, significantly reducing post-processing time, improving printing efficiency, and offering cost-effectiveness.

20240221 (10)

Introduction to Surgical Guide Resin:

Dental resin material, suitable for printing implant guide plate. The model has a smooth, transparent surface, ensuring clarity, high detail, and precision. Surgical guide resin has good strength and toughness, with impact resistance, High-temperature sterilization, and wet disinfection.

20240221 (11)

Introduction to Gingiva Mask Resin:

For 3D printing, flexible artificial gums. In digital oral medicine, combined with restoration dental model materials, 3D reproduction of functionally deficient gingival model fragments can be performed. Almost the same color as the gingiva, it finely simulates the appearance and touch of the gingiva. The material has superior elasticity and tear resistance.

20240221 (12)

Introduction to Custom Tray Resin:

For personalized function tray customization. The model has a smooth surface, high detail reduction, and high-precision molding; good strength and toughness, with a specific impact resistance; suitable for all custom impression materials.


Seven of eSUN’s dental-specific resins have obtained certification from the U.S. FDA (Class I). Additionally, eResin-PLA Pro has undergone biocompatibility testing, demonstrating low irritability and ensuring a more friendly and safe product for human and environmental considerations.

20240221 (1)

Furthermore, eSUN also offers a complementary series of dental-specific 3D printing equipment, including the iSUN LCD Dental 3D Printer, post-curing devices, etc. Interested friends are welcome to visit our booth during the meeting to learn more about our product details!



CHICAGO DENTAL SOCIETY is one of North America’s largest, most prominent, and highly anticipated dental meetings. This event brings together dental industry experts worldwide, showcasing innovative and cutting-edge products and technologies.

Meeting Dates: February 22nd to 24th, 2024

Meeting Venue: McCormick Place West Building



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