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eSUN High Flow 3D Printing Materials Summary

Post time: 2023-04-14

Before we start the topic, let’s chit-chat. Do you know that the idea of High Flow is sweeping the 3D printing industry? The market has already given the reaction to fast printing devices. Have you ever tried fast printing yet? PLEASE! Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about the adaptation and performance of different materials on fast printing devices~


Let’s check around eSUN’s fast printing materials and some high-quality fast printing cases.

1.ePLA-HFesun (11)


The FDM printing process mainly involves two physical state changes, the solid and liquid state. Therefore, ePLA-HS was specifically designed based on those two aspects.

1. Fast melting speed, Smooth extrusion

“Fast melting speed, smooth extrusion” mainly refers to controlling the viscosity coefficient while improving the fluidity. The material can quickly enter the molten state while maintaining the viscosity without excessive reduction to avoid excessive drawing and sagging

2. Rapid cooling speed, Better shaping

eSUN conducted many tests, and continuously adjusted, improved, and reduced specific heat capacity. The material performance tends to be more precisely balanced.


You may wonder about this material’s maximum speed and the most appropriate rate.

esun (1)

According to the test results, with a fast printing printer, ePLA-HS can reach up to 350mm/s. And ePLA-HS offers excellent printing quality on fast printing machines such as Anker, Flsun, and Bambu Lab, which can be maintained at a speed of 250mm/s.


As shown below, ePLA-HS can also guarantee quality with high-speed printing and can retain the integrity of the fine structure without layering



2.TPUesun (12)

The flow temperature of the antibacterial TPU is 5-7°C, and the viscosity is less sensitive to changes in temperature, which can maintain sufficient melt strength and formability at higher temperatures and higher fluidity, reducing sagging, drawing, and other phenomena. Compared with TPU-95A, the flow temperature is ten °C lower, which makes it easier to maintain sufficient fluidity.


High-speed filament increases the printing speed but does not affect the printing quality. After testing, the printing effect is slightly better than the TPU. The difference gradually appears when the rate is above 100mm/s. There is no significant difference in performance between 100mm/s and  200mm/s printing.

esun (10)

Taking the application of TPU materials in the printing production of customized orthopedic aids as an example, the high-speed printing performance of fast antibacterial TPU will help significantly improve production efficiency and realize rapid mass customization.

3.pla+esun (13)

There are also other eSUN products, such as PLA+, that can also print at a fast speed. PLA+ is based on PLA modification, which improves the toughness and interlayer. The melt index is better than PLA and has better fluidity. PLA+ performs excellently at high-speed printing, and the printing effect is excellent at 250mm/s on Anker, Flsun, and Bambu Lab printers.


Esun’s partner, Silver, who uses PLA+ on Flsun V400, said that by printing with eSUN PLA+ and Flsun V400 together, the printing speed could be increased up to 400mm/s.


It took Silver about three weeks to print this great sword three years ago.

esun (7)

And now, it only needs 4 days with eSUN PLA+ on Flsun V400.

esun (8)

The combination of excellent performance, stable, fast printing materials, and printing equipment will help significantly improve the printing efficiency of makers, optimize the experience, and bring more possibilities for small-batch customized production.


Above is our analysis of the materials widely used in fast printing. Of course, there are more to come. eSUN fans used PLA- matte and Bambu Lab to customize a set of Bambu Lab printer casing, and the speed can be stably increased to 300mm/s, and the appearance of the printed parts is also very delicate. (see the video below)

With the continuous breakthrough of technology, the user experience will be continuously optimized and improved. eSUN will also simultaneously optimize the fast-printing performance of other materials to meet users’ further needs.

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