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Very Peri, the chic color offers fresh idea and vision for 3D printing

Post time: 2022-05-20


In December 2021, PANTONE, the international color authority, released the 2022 annual popular color-Very Peri, which emerged as the first Pantone color out of anticipated colors.

Regarding the emergence of Very Peri, there was an official explanation: “The isolation period of epidemic has influenced people’s life notion and standards, and the reality will reintegrate with   virtual world in a closer way. Very Peri is the symbol of creativity during this period, and it helps us to broaden our horizons and adapt to natural environment full of changes as we reshape our lives.

Visually, Very Peri is a dynamic and inclusive color, not just blue or purple, making it unique and attracting. In life, the charming romantic hue also appears in hydrangea, aurora, sunset and etc. Besides, the emergence of Very Peri triggered the new fashion and tendency in garment and furniture fields.image001image002

3D printing technology accelerates the development of customized service, while new color offers fresh inspiration and broad vision for 3D printing. Recently, eSUN Very-Peri PLA+ materials will be sold on eSUN TMall and JD flagship store. Stay tuned!




Print Sample

Very Peri PLA+ prints can be used for decoration, COSPLAY, sculpture, machine, electronic appliance and car. Very Peri, the chic color with new modernity is a great choice whether as the main hue of print or just ornament.








Features of Very-Peri PLA+



As the star product of eSUN,PLA+ material is modified based on PLA filament, easy to print, with more toughness and stronger binding force, smooth surface of print, fine strength and stiffness, good resistance to force, suitable for printing functional components. The material has obtained the certificate from FDA and safe to print, can be used for printing earlier concept and rapid prototyping.



The annual color may stands for the major sign during the year. The Ultimate Gray and llluminating in 2020 symbolized the plight and dawn respectively during the epidemic, whereas the Very Peri in 2022 is attached with variable inclusiveness through mix of fresh and harmonious hues. It motivates us to be confident, curious and fearless in creative output in the vagaries of life.


What will happen when printing with filaments of the new color? look forward to your latest products.


Finally, the annual color-Very Peri symbolizes beauty and wish, for this blessing and expectation, we have preferential price for the new product as follows:

Discount: get the coupon with a password


From now on, send the password: “wish a great sale of eSUN PLA+ ”, you can get the coupon of 20 yuan from staff in eSUN TMall flagship store. Hurry up, chances comes to those who are prepared!



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