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Twinkle Twinkle eSUN PLA, How I wonder what you are?

Post time: 2022-03-28

With a variety of production experience in FDM printing, eSUN came out with the new twinkling PLA, which shining like a little star. Ladies and Gentlemen~ Let’s give a round of applause for the eTwinkling-PLA.

The appearance of eTwinkling-PLA is crystal clear and flickering, the printed model is rich in details, delicate and agile. Provide you with a rich visual experience. It is quite popular in the 3D printing market.

eTwinkling-PLA Model Display




Recently, eSUN has successfully launched an eTwinkleing Rainbow filament based on eTwinkleing-PLA.


This product is based on PLA material with fine glitter powder added, which has the characteristics of easy printing of PLA, and also has the effect of colorful and brilliant rainbow glitter.

Like eTwinkleing-PLA, eTwinkleing Rainbow has the characteristics of low shrinkage rate, no cracking and no warping, high precision and small wire diameter tolerance. Also environmental protection of raw materials. It can be widely used in the printing of daily accessories, decorations, toys, sculptures, works of art, shells and functional parts.

Model Display




As a printing material, the colorful appearance of the eTwinkling rainbow can not only show individuality, but also bring a rich visual experience. As a candle holder, the crystal and translucent appearance of the twinkling wire are matched with the candlelight.

Every brilliant idea magnifies and sublimates the beauty of the material.

You are more than welcome to share your ideas or prints with us. Submit it to the eSUN social media account, excellent prints will have the opportunity to receive the same filament as a reward~


Due to the differences in printing equipment and environment, if you have any problems during the printing process, please contact us through various channels in time. You are also welcome to follow the eSUN social media account to discuss the problems and challenges in the 3D printing process.

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