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Take off! Aircraft Print!

Post time: 2022-06-01

Take off! Aircraft Print!

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The aircraft print in this video was printed with eSUN lightweight PLA material (EPLA-LW) by eSUN’s overseas fans Craft Channel.


aircraft print display




Note: This video and model pictures belong to the original author, no  reprinting without permission.

In recent years, 3D printing model airplanes has been popular. From traversal aircraft to the customization of fixed wing, from functional accessories to the whole fixed wing, as well as helicopter accessories, 3D printing technology has been widely applied.

With the advent of eSUN lightweight PLA material (EPLA-LW), the performance of 3D printed model aircraft has been further enhanced and improved.





In the image above, the white model is printed with PLA-LW, and the green model is printed with ordinary PLA. As shown in the image, “lightness” is the main characteristic and advantage of PLA-LW. Compared with PLA material model of the same volume, the weight of the model printed with eSUN easily generated lightweight PLA can be reduced by more than 50%.


In the practical application of self-made model aircraft, the image machine printed with lightweight PLA has a lighter weight than KT board, EPP board, PP board and other types of aircraft pursuing light wing load. At the same time, the lightweight PLA can also change the material density of the fuselage by adjusting the temperature of the printing nozzle, from the high strength and heavy plastic form to the density of balsa wood and foam, so as to realize more possibilities of creation.


In general, the advantages of lightweight PLA as model aircraft material are very obvious, and it is not a loss to start with. The material has been widely welcomed by makers and model airplane DIY enthusiasts at home and abroad since it was listed on the market.


Spring arrived as promised. Welcome friends who love 3D printing and MODEL airplane DIY to try to customize their own model airplane and experience the fun of creation!




Limited by the differences of printing equipment and printing environment, if you encounter any problems in the printing process, welcome to contact us through various channels in time. You are also welcome to join the eSUN wechat or QQ fan group to discuss the problems and challenges encountered in the 3D printing process.



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