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Review the eSUN rainbow filaments with different styles and characteristics

Post time: 2022-05-31

In the field of FDM printing materials, eSUN has launched a variety of styles of filaments, rainbow series include matte rainbow, silk rainbow and other new or popular products. So, how many kinds of rainbow consumables does eSUN have?


一. Soft matte rainbow PLA

In August this year, eSUN specially launched a matte series of consumable materials, macaron color romantic matching and unique matte surface texture to provide users with a unique experience. Subsequently, we launched matte rainbow PLA wire on its basis to meet the different needs of users!

Matte rainbow PLA products and print models.



The performance of matte rainbow PLA is the same as that of matte PLA, which is environmentally friendly and easy to print. At the same time, it has the following characteristics:

1. Colorful and brilliant rainbow matte appearance, fine surface without lamination;

2. The filament is not easy to break, long time printing smoothly without plugging;

3. Compared with other materials, the support is easier to peel off from the model surface, and the contact surface is smooth and flat;

4. No irritating smell when printing, safe and environmental protection;

5. Low density, matte rainbow PLA single-roll consumable is 21% more than other matte PLA product print models.

In addition, compared with ABS, matte rainbow PLA does not need a closed cavity, low shrinkage rate, no warping, no cracking, and can print large-size models. Besides, the coil of matte rainbow PLA is made of plastic injection molding based on production wastes such as PETG, ABS, PLA and industrial wastes. The outer box adopts recyclable paper box with environmental protection concept, which will make 3D printing more sustainable.


二. Gorgeous silk rainbow PLA

As an aesthetic material, eSUN’s silk Rainbow PLA has always been loved by 3D printing players for its gorgeous and outstanding performance.


Silk Rainbow PLA products and print model:





The bright multi-color filament makes the printed model more lively and enriches the viewer’s visual experience.

However, rainbow color can be gorgeous and gorgeous, also can be romantic and graceful.



三.Romantic luminous rainbow PLA

If the rainbow appears in the night, the night will become romantic and bright. In April, eSUN launched the luminous rainbow PLA.



Luminous rainbow PLA is also an aesthetic material, which can emit light after absorbing sunlight or exposing it to ultraviolet light for a period of time so as to achieve luminous effect.




Printing with luminous rainbow PLA filament turn more wonderful inspiration of players into reality. In addition, with its unique appearance of colorful gradual luminous color, it can also be used in other industries and fields for more innovative applications.



  Unique TPU Rainbow



The ETPU-95A rainbow is different from the other three rainbow filaments because the main color of this material is green, as shown in the image above.


Etpu-95a is flexible and easy to print, allowing rapid prototyping of large, complex and accurate elastomer parts. Excellent elasticity, products are not easy to deform; Good flexibility, with high tear resistance, wear resistance and cut resistance, strong and durable; High hardness and good resilience, suitable for insoles and other applications; Ultra-high flow, high speed printing, suitable for long and short extrusion, with excellent printability.



Although they are all “rainbow” series filament, it is obvious that they have different characteristics and advantages respectively, and the experience delivered to the user by the model works printed with different rainbow filament is completely different.


Here, also incidentally to give you a wave of new notice: before the end of the year, eSUN will also launch a new rainbow filament, further enhancing experience of art aesthetics. Please look forward to it!~

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