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Playing with a eSUN ePAHT-CF 3D Printed Violin

Post time: 2020-11-20


Playing with a eSUN ePAHT-CF 3D Printed Violin

Recently, eSUN has shown many excellent team and individual 3D prints:

1. Check out who won the eSUN 3D Printing Facebook Fan Group!

2. 2.3 Meters tall 3D printing Fernando Morena Statue with 50KG eSUN PLA+ in Uruguay!

With the development of 3D printing technology and materials, makers are constantly using their imagination and creativity to print various works of art.

Today, we will show you a violin printed with eSUN ePAHT-CF. It’s delicate with beautiful sound, and are just as pleasant to play.


Playing with a eSUN ePAHT-CF 3D Printed Violin

ePAHT-CF (Nylon Carbon Fiber) is a material jointly developed by eSUN and LUVOCOM. Its print has matte and delicate finish. The filament has added high-rigidity carbon fiber based on the properties of nylon, with high mechanical strength, impact resistance, high rigidity, and heat resistance up to 150℃. Compared with pure nylon, the shrinkage rate and water absorption are greatly reduced. Ithas high accuracy, low distortion, no warping, no need to heat chamber or bed.

ePAHT-CF application:

1. Automobile industry, due to the excellent oil resistance, wear resistance and creep resistance of ePA6-CF, it can replace traditional metal materials and has the advantage of light weight, such as the manufacture of engine parts, electrical parts and car body parts; It is excellent fatigue resistance can be used in the manufacture of synchronous drive gears for automobile internal combustion engines;

2. National defense industry, which can replace metal materials, mainly used in the fields of national defense and aerospace, such as the manufacture of missile engine parts, rocket launchers, rocket tails, etc.;

3. Aerospace, since the material itself is lighter than traditional aluminum, it is extremely beneficial to increase manufacturing speed and save fuel;

4. Stationery and sports goods, which can be used to manufacture thin-walled products, such as helmets, automobile bumpers and robot arms.

Based on its excellent performance, it has a wide application. Get it now and explore the new world of 3D printing together!

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