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Identify Your Color, Color of the YEAR

Post time: 2022-04-13


Thanks to all participants, you guys are awesome  
Now, we are glad to announce the color of the Year for eSUN 2022

Ladies and Gentlemen 
The Space Blue by @夜梦无疆       
The space blue represents the universe we are exploring. It’s the color of the ocean and the color of the sky. It is the meaning of exploring, leading us to explore the universe and the meaning of life.

Rank 2~6
@邵继平 (RGB: 255,153,0);
@Rdb Twentse (RGB: 133,21,21);
@Thomas Lété (RGB:175,34,72);
@Steven Guaico(RGB: 80,250,193);
@Mor Ohana(RGB: 0,255,221);

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