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Gathering passion, eSUN 3D printing materials help global makers dream

Post time: 2022-08-23

With the development of 3D printing technology and materials, 3D printing creation has more possibilities. The vast number of makers have used their imagination and creativity to bring us many excellent works which are infinite surprises and expectations! Next, lets take a look at the outstanding creator works from all over the world!

1. 3D Printed Rocket Model (Source: Monash University Maker Club) 图片1图片2 eSUN 3D printing materials helped the Monash University Maker Club to print rockets. And the club achieved good results in global competitions. Across the ocean, this rocket model from Australia is about to meet you at TCT Asia in Shenzhen, so please waiting for it!

2. Cosplay Props: Thor’s Hammer (Source: SILVER COS LAB)

3D printing provides unprecedented convenience for the customization of Cosplay props. eSUN is willing to join hands with makers to promote the application of 3D printing technology in Cosplay and other related directions. If you are interested in it, please contact us.  

3.Figure Model: Harley Quinn (Source: Yantai Infinite Model Studio) 图片3 3D printing simplifies the production process of figure models, and at the same time, it can also take into account the requirements for model accuracy. At 2022 TCT Asia, eSUN will exhibit a number of exquisite figure models, welcome to visit!

4. 3D Printed Remote Control Racing Car (Source: Naras (@Craft Channel)) 图片4 3D printed Dodge Challenger remote control racing car, excellent work from Turkish maker Naras. eSUN PLA+ can perfectly meet the impact resistance requirements of racing cars. 3D printing makers who are full of creativity can always surprise us.

5. Miniature Model: Yellow Crane Tower (Source: Miniaturist  Xindam ) 图片5 3D printing miniature models usually have a high degree of restoration and precision, which can not only reproduce the beauty of the original scenery, but also reflect the superb artistic creation ability. The completed version of the Yellow Crane Tower Model will be exhibited at eSUN booth. Welcome to visit!

6.3D Printing Toy Model (Source: 3D printing maker Huishenwan) 图片6 图片7 A variety of colors of FDM materials make toy model printing more convenient and efficient. The author’s design ability and hands-on ability make ordinary materials have an unusual charm. 3D printing technology enables many ideas to be realized. eSUN 3D printing materials provide stable support for makers with excellent performance and rich appearance. Gathering passion and living up to expectations, TCT Asia 2022 has entered the final countdown. The above excellent works from makers or teams at home and abroad will be unveiled at the eSUN booth (Booth No.: H69). During August 31st– September 2nd, everyone is welcome to visit and communicate!

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