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Do You Know about eSUN Bio-Based High Precision eResin-PLA Pro?

Post time: 2022-04-02

The photocuring printing market is developing rapidly. In the multiple-choice resin market, everyone may have a different favored one.

eSUN’s eResin-PLA Pro was first launched in 2020. As one of our star products, it has also received a lot of attention and love. Well, what are its features and benefits, and what are the differences from ordinary resins?

1. Summary of eSUN eResin-PLA Pro

 eResin-PLA Pro

High toughness, high precision, high resolution, smooth surface of printed parts, and wide compatibility are the main features of eSUN eResin-PLA Pro. It can adapt to small and large-size Mono LCD printers as well as conventional color LCD printers. It can meet the requirements of individual makers and studio teams. It can be used in model figures, education and scientific research, dental film, handicrafts production, decorative products, mechanical parts, functional originals production and other fields.

The following are the performance parameters of eResin-PLA Pro for your reference:


2. Details about bio-based

The so-called bio-based refers to the preparation of PLA-PUA from bio-based polylactic acid diol, and through the exploration and adjustment of the oligomer synthesis process and formula, the bio-based 3D printing photocuring resin series products are prepared—— eResin PLA and eResin-PLA Pro.

The raw materials of PLA polyols are mainly derived from corn and other plant starches, which are renewable resources. In the environment of “carbon peaking”, “carbon neutrality” and the pursuit of green and low-carbon development, bio-based resins help reduce carbon release and are significant to the green development of the industry.

At present, the eSUN Xiaogan factory has a stable production capacity of polylactic acid polyol, and can independently carry out the synthesis, modification and formulation development of photosensitive resin, and provide users with a series of products with different characteristics and application scenarios.


Bio-based resins have low odor, less irritation, and are more user-friendly. Based on this feature and benefits, this resin can be used in the field of education, and safety will be guaranteed.

Currently, eSUN is also developing a series of bio-based water washable resins, bio-based orthodontic dental resins, bio-based PMMA-like resins, and bio-based nylon resins, please stay tuned!

3. High precision, high resolution, smooth surface

 eResin-PLA Pro eResin-PLA Pro

eResin-PLA Pro has high molding precision and high resolution. As shown in the picture above, the surface of the printed product is smooth and the printed details are clear. Even for miniatures, the details are very well presented, and users who require high printing accuracy can choose this one.

Many personal 3D printing enthusiasts have used this resin to print fantastic works, Lets check them out:

 eResin-PLA Pro eResin-PLA Pro eResin-PLA Pro

4. Hard and tough balance

 eResin-PLA Pro

It can achieve a balance of hardness and toughness to a certain extent (with a certain impact resistance) is another feature of bio-based eResin-PLA Pro.

Resins with different performance characteristics and advantages often have different application scenarios. For example, eSUN’s hot-selling Standard resins, have the characteristics of high rigidity, excellent toughness, and great impact resistance. It is more suitable for printing thin-walled complex models or parts that need to resist deformation. It has high dimensional stability and can be used for functional testing, printing of rapid prototypes.

eResin-PLA Pro is more suitable for model printing in the fields of daily decorative parts, figures, dental molds, machinery, and education.

5. Printing parameter reference

To improve printing efficiency, eSUN offered the printing parameters of bio-based high-precision resins on some LCD printers, and obtained the following data for your reference!


If you have any problem during the printing process, you can also contact us in the following ways, or join the eSUN 3D Fans Club, and communicate with 3D printing enthusiasts~

eSUN 3D Fans Club: https://www.facebook.com/groups/esun3dfansclub

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