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eSUN Photosensitive Resin Special – Matte Resin

Post time: 2024-06-04

matte Resin

Matte Texture, Smooth and Delicate Surface

Matte Texture, Smooth and Delicate Surface

To begin with, the main feature of eSUN Matte Resin is its matte texture. Compared to the glossy printing effect of ordinary resin, models printed with MA100 Matte Resin present a soft fog visual effect and have a delicate touch, especially those with high fineness and dense particles, providing a more comfortable hand feel.

Low Viscosity, Good Fluidity

Resin Printing

This matte resin leaves no residue on the release film during the printing process, making it easier to detach, with a high printing success rate and small supports that are not easily broken.

Excellent Stability, Good Durability

MA100 Matte Resin is processed using special techniques, offering good stability and preventing sedimentation, making it easy for users to store and use. Additionally, this resin has good resistance to chemicals, temperature, and UV rays.

matte resin Print Model

Product Performance Parameters

The matte resin is suitable for various 405nm wavelength LCD/DLP devices and is currently available in three colors: White-clay, Red-clay, and Grey-clay. Below are the relevant performance parameters of the product for your reference:

matte resin recommended setting

matte resin precautions

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