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RAPID + TCT 2024, eSUN to Showcase Multiple Exciting New Products!

Post time: 2024-06-24


From June 25-27, North America’s largest and most influential additive manufacturing event, RAPID + TCT 2024, will be grandly held at the Los Angeles Convention Center in the USA.

Every year, numerous new materials, technologies, and equipment converge here. This year, eSUN will also showcase several exciting new materials. Stay tuned!

New Product Preview

esun medical filaments

general filaments

3D Digital Customization

esun aesthetics filaments

At this exhibition, eSUN will officially release several new materials in the overseas market, including:

① General Grade: PLA BASIC, ePLA+CMYK, PET

② Engineering Grade: ePETG-CF, ASA+, eABS-CF, eABS-GF, eABS-HT

③ Aesthetic Grade: ePLA-Silk Candy, ePLA-Silk RainbowNew Colors) ePLA-Chameleon, PLA LuminousNew Colors)

④ Medical Grade: Biomedical PLLA Filament, Biomedical PEEK Filament

Additionally, it is worth mentioning that eSUN will soon launch a new eSpool and materials matching these spools, eSpool + Spooless.

The new eSpool is compatible with Bambulab and other mainstream 3D printers and can reduce issues and difficulties users encounter when using paper spools.

Resin Section



Based on diverse market demands and eSUN’s advantages in the R&D and application of photosensitive resin materials, eSUN has developed a comprehensive digital solution for the dental industry. At this exhibition, eSUN will systematically showcase various dental resin materials, providing professional material support for different application needs.

Additionally, High-Temperature Resin, Matte Resins, and High Speed Resin will also be exhibited. Interested friends are welcome to visit the booth for more product details!

esun high temp resin


In addition, eSUN has prepared many benefits for the audience at the exhibition. During the exhibition, visitors to the eSUN booth who participate in interactive activities will have the chance to receive free materials, accessory products, and eSUN customized PLA T-shirts.

As a new form of productive power, 3D printing technology has brought great convenience and breakthrough innovations to the manufacturing industry, with more and more innovative applications emerging. In the industry’s development process, the performance of materials also plays a crucial role.

Welcome to visit the eSUN booth for communication and exchange. If you have any suggestions on material optimization and innovation, please feel free to provide feedback!

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