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RAPID + TCT 2024, eSUN Brings Multiple New Material Surprises!

Post time: 2024-07-02

On June 27, the 2024 RAPID + TCT Exhibition concluded in Los Angeles. Numerous manufacturers joined forces to bring us a spectacular event full of surprises!

At this exhibition, eSUN showcased a variety of 3D printing materials, with new engineering and aesthetic materials attracting many visitors to inquire and learn more.

2024 RAPID + TCT

On-site consultation

New Engineering Materials

The new engineering materials highlighted at this exhibition include ePETG-CF, eABS-CF, eABS-GF, eABS-HT, and ASA+.

As the application scenarios of 3D printing technology continue to expand, the performance requirements for materials have also increased. Adding carbon fibers or glass fibers to PETG or ABS materials can further optimize material performance, expand application scenarios, and provide stable material support for 3D printing technology in production and daily life.

Additionally, to facilitate user creation, the new products will offer a more diverse range of colors.

engineering filaments

New Aesthetic Materials

eSUN’s aesthetic filaments focus on two key development directions: first, integrating functional components to create diverse textures such as marble, silk, and metal; second, improving production processes and optimizing color masterbatch ratios to offer a wide range of color choices.

At this exhibition, eSUN showcased aesthetic materials including ePLA-Magic, ePLA-Silk Candy, ePLA-Chameleon, new color schemes for ePLA-Silk Rainbow, and PLA Luminous.

Innovative materials, creative life! We hope that the new materials will inspire more creativity among makers.

aesthetics filaments

Other General Grade Materials

In response to user needs, eSUN will soon launch PLA Basic, ePLA+CMYK, and PET materials. PLA Basic focuses on high cost performance, while the ePLA+CMYK four-color set will provide users with more color options. Additionally, the highly anticipated PET material with heat resistance, high toughness, and excellent printability will also be available soon. Stay tuned.

general filaments

Furthermore, we have received numerous feedback on the compatibility of paper spools with AMS system. Considering the urgent needs of users, eSUN will soon launch the third generation of eSpool, which we believe will alleviate these issues to some extent. The third generation eSpool is compatible with eSUN’s spoolless filaments and Bamboo AMS system.

Medical 3D Printing Materials

In 2022, eSUN established its biomedical materials sub-brand, eSUNMED. Leveraging the company’s advantages in biomedical material research and development, it launched medical PLA and PEEK 3D printing materials. These materials are produced in clean rooms and adhere to strict medical material quality management standards, offering good biocompatibility, excellent sterilizability, and ease of processing.

The research and application of 3D printing technology in the medical field are developing rapidly, providing innovative solutions to some difficult clinical medical problems. Currently, the application of 3D printing technology in the medical field has extended from medical models, guides, rehabilitation aids, and implants to tissue engineering scaffolds, and even cells, tissues, and organs. At this exhibition, eSUN’s medical 3D printing materials also attracted many visitors to inquire and learn more.

medical filaments

Currently, 3D printing technology is widely used in multiple fields and is gradually transitioning from prototype manufacturing to end-part manufacturing, from consumer applications to industrial applications, from small batch production to mass production, and from single materials to integrated solutions.

Based on the development trends and dynamics of the 3D printing industry, eSUN will continue to develop diverse new products, fully optimize the high-speed printing performance of materials, and advance from general materials to engineering and functional materials. We aim to provide industry users with high-quality, cost-effective products with a low carbon footprint, leading and promoting more efficient and sustainable development in the 3D printing industry through material innovation.

TCT Group photo of participants

Looking forward to reuniting at the next grand event!

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