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eSUN Dental Resin – Surgical Guide Resin

Post time: 2024-06-28

eSUN’s Surgical Guide Resin (SG100) is a photopolymer 3D printing material used in dental and medical fields. It helps doctors accurately position implants during surgery, improving success rates and long-term stability of implants.

SG100 has excellent biocompatibility and high mechanical strength, supports fast forming, and its high transparency, easy polishing, and low water absorption meet dental application needs.

Product Features

Surgical Guide Resin Product Features


The guide resin must meet biocompatibility standards to ensure it does not cause adverse reactions in the human body. eSUN Surgical Guide Resin has FDA and CE certifications.

2.High Mechanical Strength

Guide resins usually have high mechanical strength, including flexural and impact strength, making them ideal for high-strength applications like surgical guides.

3.Low Water Absorption eSUN

eSUN’s Surgical Guide Resin has low water absorption, maintaining dimensional stability even in the moist oral environment.

4.Easy to Polish 

 The Surgical Guide Resin has a smooth surface, making it easy to polish for higher precision and aesthetics, crucial for dental applications.

5.High-Temperature Steam Sterilization 

The material can withstand high-temperature steam sterilization, ensuring sterility before clinical use.

Product Applications

Orthodontic guides, surgical guides, functional retainers, occlusal splints, X-ray guides, and other orthodontic accessories

Surgical Guide Resin Product Applications

Product Parameters

Surgical Guide ResinProduct  Parameters

In recent years, digital customized dental solutions based on 3D printing technology have been widely used in the dental field.

The application process of guide resin can be simply divided into “data collection, diagnostic analysis, implant 3D design, guide structure design, guide data output, guide printing, and surgery under guide.”

Using eSUN’s dental guide resin for 3D printing results in models with higher precision and dimensional stability, improving the accuracy of implant position, direction, and angle in surgery. It can be sterilized with high-pressure steam, enhancing surgical safety and avoiding damage to important structures, significantly improving the patient experience.

Currently, eSUN’s Surgical Guide Resin meets the needs of dental applications well, with relevant certifications and good biocompatibility. Interested users are welcome to inquire for more information.

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