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New Silk Series Recommendations:ePLA-Silk Candy Arriving!

Post time: 2024-06-24

eSUN has officially launched a new member of the PLA Silk family in 3D printing materials – the ePLA-Silk Candy!

ePLA-Silk Candy Arriving

Currently, this material is available in six colors: “Red Gold Blue, Blue Green, Silver Blue, Silver Black, Red Gold, and Gold Blue Green,” as shown in the picture below.

ePLA-Silk Candy six colors

 “Sweet and Bright,” this ePLA-Silk Candy offers a vibrant appearance through a rich combination of colors, distinguishing itself from other rainbow or multi colored materials by the following features:

1,Rapid Interlayer Color Change

This ePLA-Silk Candy material features a gradient color transition, allowing for interlayer color changes in a short period. Thus, models of any size will exhibit rich color effects.

Rapid Interlayer Color Change

ePLA-Silk Candy 3D Printing Models

2,Flexible Gradient Range Adjustment

The gradient effect can be adjusted based on the model’s cross section: small cross sections produce large gradient ranges, while large cross sections result in smaller gradient ranges. The gradient range of the same size model can be changed by adjusting the infill density.

ePLA-Silk Candy Print model comparison

Comparison between ePLA-Silk Candy and Other Multi color Gradient Materials

eSUN’s Silk series 3D printing filaments boast a variety of color gradient effects, such as the popular ePLA-Silk Magic and ePLA-Silk Rainbow. The image below visually compares the color gradient features of these three types of filaments.


The Silk series materials are the star products in eSUN’s aesthetic materials, offering a silky, shiny texture and excellent printability without visible layer lines.

As the farm business develops, the popularity of the Silk series materials continues to rise. Using aesthetic materials to print decorative items or toys in daily life is an excellent choice.

Additionally, the performance parameters and recommended printing parameters for ePLA-Silk Candy are shown below for reference.


A friendly reminder: eSUN’s Silk series can be printed at high speeds, but controlling the printing speed and increasing the nozzle temperature will result in better surface gloss of the printed models.

Additionally, in high summer temperatures, to ensure print quality, it is recommended to keep the environment temperature below 30°C.

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