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Temperature Change at 28 °C, eSUN Launches a Fun Material

Post time: 2022-06-10

Today we will introduce a “fun” material, temperature-sensitive flexible filament– eTPU-95A. As the name implies, models printed with this filament can automatically change color in response to perceived temperature. For this feature, you might as well think of what creative designs it can be used for?





Basic introduction:

First, the prominent characteristic of this material is that the temperature changes at a low temperature of 28 °C, and it can change color when you pinch it, from red to brilliant golden yellow. Besides, this material continues all advantages of eTPU-95A, including excellent elasticity, good flexibility, high tear resistance, wear resistance and cutting resistance, strong durable; At the same time, with high toughness and good resilience, suitable for producing insoles and other products; Ultra high liquidity makes it can be printed at high speed, suitable for direct and remote  extruder.


Introduction of main properties

1. Temperature sensing design, automatically color change with temperature

As shown in the figure below, models printed with eTPU material will automatically change color when sensing temperature changes, making it can be used to print some temperature indicating devices, fun toys, shoe material insoles, wearable devices, etc.




2,  Good softness, flexibility and resilience

As a flexible material, eTPU also has good flexibility and resilience, suitable for printing mobile phone cases, insoles and so on.


3. Strong and durable, good tear resistance, wear resistance and cutting resistance

The shore hardness of this filament is 95A, with high tear resistance, wear resistance and cutting resistance, sturdiness and durability; The elongation at break is ≥488%, much higher than other materials, with low long-term compression permanent deformation rate



4, good weather resistance, strong uv resistance

Besides, the material has good oil resistance, low temperature resistance and aging resistance, suitable for various outdoor scenarios.


Now that you have known features of the eTPU filament, do you have any creative ideas about how to use this material? Welcome to have a try and send your works to eSUN social media accounts and fans to exchang for various materials for prizes


The following are the performance parameters of TPU for reference.


Tips: if you have any questions in the printing process, you can contact us, eSUN fans and engineers look forward to communicating with you


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