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2022 TCT Asia | eSUN Fast-3D printing Filaments will be released soon!

Post time: 2022-08-30

TCT Asia 2022 is around the corner. We hope to meet all of you at Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center (Bao’an) this upcoming Wednesday (August 31st). At that time, eSUN will debut with a variety of 3D printing materials. New products such as eTPU-Antibacteria and ePLA-HF will be released, please stay tuned!


eSUN Booth NumberH69


eSUN and Wanhua Chemical jointly released the antibacterial TPU material, which has excellent antibacterial and antifungal effects. The antibacterial rate against Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus is as high as 99.9%, and the anti-mold grade can reach grade 0 – anti-mold erosion. In addition, the antibacterial TPU can also achieve the effect of fast printing. By adjusting the balance of flow temperature and viscosity, while maintaining high fluidity, the eTPU-Antibacteria can achieve both strength and formability, and can maintain good performance under high-speed printing.

Also, the eTPU-Antibacteria has good flexibility, with a hardness of 95A. It is easy to print, and can quickly produce large, complex and accurate prototypes of elastomer parts. It also has excellent elasticity, and the products are not easily deformed. Good flexibility with high Excellent tear resistance, abrasion resistance and cut resistance, strong and durable; High hardness and good resilience, suitable for applications such as insoles.图片2图片3

iSUN3D FLX2 dual-station high-speed flexible 3D printer


The speed of 3D printing has been one of the main problems. Many machine and material manufacturers are exploring efficient solutions. At this exhibition, eSUN and Anker will release a comprehensive solution for fast printing. AnkerMake M5 3D Printer and eSUN fast PLA (ePLA-HF) will provide users with a better experience.

Through the balance adjustment of melt index and flow temperature, eSUN ePLA-HF flows smoothly in the molten state, cools faster during printing and molding, and achieves smooth filament discharge without clogging during high-speed printing, and rapid cooling without deformation; compared with ordinary Material, ePLA-HF prints faster, with higher surface quality and better detail performance. In addition, ePLA-HF has good adaptability. By adjusting the material production process, the dependence of rapid printing on the cooling power of the printer can be reduced, and the printability is excellent.图片4

eSUN PLA+ material also has excellent high-speed printing performance after testing. It has also achieved good printing results at 250mm/s on brand equipment such as Bambu Lab, Anke, and Creality, and maintains the original toughness and layering. You are also welcome to visit the eSUN booth to share and communicate on August 31st.

eSUN will also exhibit a variety of other types of materials, including aesthetic materials, engineering materials, functional materials, etc. PLA-MATTE paper coils, multi-color PLA-silk, PM200 acrylic resins, nylon-like resin and other new products will also be unveiled at the exhibition. We will see you there.

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