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2.3 Meters tall 3D printing Fernando Morena Statue with 50KG eSUN PLA+ in Uruguay!

Post time: 2020-11-13


2.3 Meters tall 3D printing Fernando Morena Statue with 50KG eSUN PLA+ in Uruguay!

After years of development, 3D printing technology (additive manufacturing technology) has formed a completed industrial chain. With the overcoming of difficulties in materials technology and printing equipment and services, the application fields of 3D printing technology have gradually expanded to the medical field, aerospace, machinery and equipment, personal market, automobile industry, cultural relic protection and other fields. In addition, there are more and more 3D printing enthusiasts joining them, turning outstanding creative designs into works of art.

As a world-renowned brand of 3D printing materials, eSUN has witnessed the birth of many outstanding works in recent years.

Recently, the statue of Uruguay famous football star FERNANDO MORENA was completed. The statue is 2.3 meters high and all 3D printed. eSUN Uruguay partner printed it on 4 Raise 3D printers and 50kg of eSUN PLA+ to complete this excellent “work”.

Click to view: FERNANDO MORENA

What is PLA+?

PLA+ (poly lactic acid) is a new type of biodegradable material, which can be made from starch raw materials extracted from renewable plant resources (such as corn). The production process is pollution-free and can be degraded. It is a common 3D printing filament now.

PLA+ adds raw materials to improve toughness of PLA, which greatly solves the brittleness of PLA material itself, and is more widely used in 3D printing industries.

After years of research and development, eSUN has a variety of printing materials with excellent performance and can be widely used in various fields. The following is a display of other works of eSUN global fans:

  • 3D printed violin (printed with eSUN ePAHT-CF)

  • 3D printed prop (printed with eSUN PLA+ by cube3dp)

  • 3D printed airplane model (printed with eSUN PETG by hill3d)

  • 3D printed keyboard holder (printed with eSUN ePA-CF by makerthink)

  • 3D printed vase (printed with eSUN PLA by alexbeerandbrico)

  • More prints display

Big Ben by adamdoes3din PLA+

Vase by clockspring in PLA+

Deadpool by jaylabstudios

Prototype gears by martinfalk3d in ABS+

Print by eskayprints3d in eSilk-PLA

Prop by tigerskullrpg

About eSUN

Shenzhen eSUN Industrial Co., Ltd. was established in 2002. With the theme of green, it is committed to the industrialization of environmentally friendly materials. It specializes in the research and development, production and operation of biological materials and green solvents. It is a national high-tech enterprise and a national undertaking unit of new material projects for strategic emerging industries. Adhering to the business philosophy of “differentiated positioning and open innovation”, the company has formed two series of products of biomaterials and green solvents through innovation-driven and market demand to promote coordinated development. eSUN 3D printing filaments are sold to over 80 countries and regions with a worldwide reputation.

Contact number: 0755 86581960

Email: bright@brightcn.net


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