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Dental Resin

Dental resin is a 3D printing resin specially designed for dentistry. 3D printing dental composite resin plays an important role because of its precision, accuracy and high efficiency.Increasing number of dentists use 3D printing technology to manufacture dental resin fillings, such as resin teeth, temporary dental bridges, etc.


Why choose eSUN Dental Composite Resin?

With the advancement of technological life, dental digital technology is rapidly developed. eSUN has independent R&D and production capacity of photopolymer resin and exclusive bio-based resin synthesis technology. Dental resin are rich in variety, have good biocompatibility, low irritation, and are safe for the human body and the environment.


Dental Resin Application

①Dental mold: orthodontic dental models, repair dental models
②Implants: temporary crowns, gums; surgical guides
③Removable dentures: metal brackets, crowns and bridges; casting models
④Other applications: dental models, temporary crowns; personalized trays


Dental Resin Series

Special resin material for dentistry, suitable for 3D printing high-precision dental models. Smooth model surface, good model texture...

Ortho model resin is special dental resin material.The orthodontic models’ surface are smooth, with high detail reproduction and high molding accuracy.

Special resin material for dentistry, suitable for 3D printing high temperature resistant dental models. The model surface is smooth, with high detail reproduction...

Dental resin material, suitable for printing implant guide plate.  The model has smooth surface and clear, high detail and precision.

Dental printing resin, used to print temporary crown and bridge model. Natural texture and color of teeth; After cleaning, post curing ...

For 3D printing flexible artificial gums. In digital oral medicine, combined with restoration dental model materials, 3D reproduction of ...

For personalized function tray customization. The model has a smooth surface, high detail reduction, and high-precision molding

For 3D printing crown wax-ups, bridge wax-ups and stent wax-ups. For casting blank production in precision casting technology. No residue after burning in mass casting...

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