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  • USA-PC(7.4-7.11)
  • AE-PC
  • 1920X350(1)
  • PM200
  • USA-(7.4-7.11)
  • AE
  • 640x200
  • PM200-wap3

Engineering production

Industrial manufacturing

eSUN’s high-precision and strong 3D printing materials are suitable for different scenarios. Whether it is pre-production or tooling and fixture production and development, eSUN 3D printed materials can withstand the harsh factory environment to help industries achieve precision manufacturing.





tooling and fixture production  development-11. Tooling and fixture production  development

The 3D printing fixture has the advantages of low cost (less than 30%) , high efficiency and flexible production, which can realize the high demand process that the traditional production can not reach.



Industrial parts development2. Industrial parts development

In traditional manufacturing, the more complex the shape of the part, the higher the manufacturing cost. With 3D printing, the cost of manufacturing complex shaped parts does not add extra time, process and cost; the production of replicas is fast and on demand, breaking the traditional pricing model.

*Prototype gears by martinfalk3d in ABS+

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