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Automotive Industry

Automotive Industry

3D printing applications in the automotive industry have evolved from relatively simple prototypes and low-volume parts to full-vehicle 3D printing. In the field of automobile design, using materials such as eABS Max printing durable machine parts with higher mechanical properties, can reach UL94V-0 level of flame retardant and fire safety. The thermal deformation temperature is higher, which effectively improve the safety of automotive parts.



Quick proofing

1. Quick proofing

The automotive industry is becoming increasingly competitive. And the interiors and exteriors are often reshaped.Use 3D printing to quickly design, debug and produce samples, greatly reducing the construction period and R&D costs.


Rapid tooling development2. Rapid tooling development

The traditional modle is made of steel or aluminum film, which has a long construction period and high cost. 3D printing can print out the modle of test parts in a short time at a low cost.

Post time: Oct-27-2021

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